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Just as you were settling into the August lull, the For Noise Festival in Pully is taking off from 7 to 9 August. In a region of Switzerland where the density of summer cultural events is overwhelming, the youthful festival makes for a refreshing change, especially if you like making discoveries. Niched in the forest of a chic Lausanne suburb, the event showcases music that is exciting even for blasé connoisseurs.

For Noise Festival was started by two local boys twelve years ago in a forest area of Pully better known as a place for scout gatherings and where dads build tree houses with their kids. The Pully Commune, after several years of hesitation, finally understood the brilliant impact of having a youthful venture on its territory. But outdoor festivals are dependent on the weather and the For Noise almost drowned in rain during the 2007 edition.

Fabien Ruf, the Head of Culture for Lausanne, says that the programme, which is innovative and risky, is the reason that the city helped save the festival, even though it is not on its territory. He believes that the timing of the “one-of-its-kind event”, once the Montreux and Paléo Festivals are out of the way, is perfect. Pomp It Up, the trendy shoe store, has become the main sponsor and has helped develop the communication campaign, because Toto Morand, its owner, believes that this “alternative” festival is essential. Now, with a three day line-up that includes artists from the UK and the USA, the future of For Noise looks a lot brighter.

Mercury Rev, Zoot Woman and Tricky are the groups that you will want to look out for and they will be in Pully on three separate nights, along with an average of nine other groups. Check out the following links and get an on-line sample of their sounds.

The American group, Mercury Rev is best known for the hit song “The Dark is Rising” where the lead singer, Jonathan Donahue’s high pitched vocals mesh with the deep, often orchestral, sound of the band. They will perform on Thursday, 7 August at 22:45

Zoot Woman are the British icons of “electroclash” (a fusion of New Wave and electronic dance music) and their hit “Living in a Magazine” is familiar to many of you. Adam and Jonny Blake are joined by Stuart Blake, the Grammy Award winner who regularly works with Madonna, Seal and The Killers. The shows of Zoot Woman are known to be spectacular. They will be on the main stage on Friday, 8 August at 21:00.

Tricky is Adrian Thaws, the British “trip hop” (rock and hip hop) musician, who has returned from living 17 years in the US. His new album has just been released by Domino, the label that also produces Franz Ferdinand and the Artic Monkeys. Tricky will be on stage on Saturday, 9 August at 22:45.

Michèle Laird, née Haffner, was an international arts administrator (visual arts and theatre), successively in Paris, New York and London, before moving to Switzerland and becoming an arts journalist.

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